Santa Gordon is a genuinely kind and jolly fellow, who looks and embodies the spirit of Santa Claus. We spoke often before our big event to make sure all the pieces were in place for his grand entrance. He arrived extra early and well-prepared. Although most children love Santa Claus from afar, when it's time for a visit, or to sit on his lap, it can end up being a bit overwhelming. Not so with Santa Gordon! His warmth and quiet jolliness were welcoming and reassuring for all the children. It was a magical festival! 

Thank you, Santa Gordon!

Bridget King Mequon Outdoor Festival 2018

It was so wonderful to meet Santa Gordon at the Mitchell Park Domes.  He was there for the children during the Winter Farmers Market.  The children were so comfortable with him.  I asked him if he would come to our home on Christmas day for all of the grand nieces and nephews.  They were enthralled with him and the adults loved him as well.  He looks like Santa, acts like Santa, he IS Santa!  He even had all the right answers when one of the grand nieces expressed some doubts.  We have come to look forward to his visit each year.  He makes our Christmas complete. 

Thanks so much! 

Liz Fehring Friends of the Domes


Santa Gordon is an experienced Santa! This was my first year working with him and I was impressed by how prepared he was and how friendly he is with parents and children. He also does a great Santa chuckle!

Ellen Faletti Historic Third Ward Association


Dear Santa Gordon,

All of us at Maple Grove Elementary School wanted to thank you again for your time and service you gave at our Deck The Halls Christmas Festivities. It goes without saying that the children and parents were all captivated by your authenticity. We are looking forward to having you return next year. At this we do not have our school year activities and dates planned for next school year,but we will be in touch in the early fall as we get our calendar set. 

Kristin Maple Grove Elementary STP


Thank you so much for visiting us this past Christmas Eve. Even though the kids were a little shy while you were here, they definitely have been talking about you ever since. Anytime we are going through pictures from your visit, my daughter excitedly screams “Santa! Santa!!” with a smile on her face. Thank you for the wonderful memories that we will have for years to come! I have seen many other pictures that people have shared on Facebook of their children with “Santa”, but I know that you are the real deal. You are the most authentic looking Santa around, without a doubt! You were also very professional and so calm when the kids were not cooperating. Thank you for also working with us on the plan to bring in a gift for each child in your bag, which really helped with the authenticity of the visit. I have been and will continue to recommend you to everyone I know. You are the best Santa around, and we are so thankful for your services.

The Russ Family