How to Relax and Enjoy the Holiday Season


The Holiday Season can be hectic and a bit stressful.  Santa knows this.  From his experience he has collected some suggestions and information that can help you truly enjoy the holiday season

  • Get a Head Start on the Holidays
  • Hints for families going to Visit Santa
  • Hints for scheduling a home visit from Santa
  • Handy Hints for Specials Events
  • Handy Hints for a Corporate/Employee Party
  • Handy Hints for Santa's Helpers and Group Events
  • Handy Links and Holiday Hints

Get a Head Start on the Holidays

Do the Winter Holidays stress you out?  Do you get depressed or worry too much?  Do you wish you could spend more time enjoying the November and December Holidays and less time rushing about? 

Reduce Stress, Depression and Worry.  Learn Santa's Three Secrets to having a stress free holiday season.  Plus professional advice on reducing stress from Dr. 'Rob.'

Hints for families going to visit Santa

Each year, millions of Americans and their children make their way to their favorite mall to obtain that treasured, annual photo with Santa.  For many this activity is a wonderful and fun-filled experience.  For others, it can be a terrifying and stressful disaster. 

Santa has prepared a simple guide with four key things to consider and a few helpful suggestions to make your family's visit him a wonderful experience.

Hints for scheduling a home visit from Santa

Have you arranged for Santa to visit your house?  Is everything ready?  Are you prepared?

Santa has some handy hints to help you prepare for his arrival at your party or event.  

Handy Hints for Special Events

Handy hints for special events, shows, community gatherings and off-site locations.  Especially helpful if you have never worked with larger groups.

Handy Hints for a Corporate/Employee Party

Handy Hints for company or corporate staff in preparing for Santa to visit their company or appear at a company party.  Particularly good for parties with mostly employees and little or not children.

Handy Hints for Working with Groups

Guidelines for Santa's Helpers. Handy Hints for those who have never worked with Santa and lots of children all at the same time.

Handy links and Holiday Hints

Santa has put together a large list of links to other web sites where you and your family can find, Holiday History, Music, Recipes, Children's sites and much, much more!  Who knows, you might enjoy it, too!